My Online Diary

beautiful things can inspire the mind
  • So after months of hard work, mountains of research and pages and pages of sketches I am pleased to announce that my FMP is complete! It has been an interesting journey with this final university project. I am pleased with how the final pieces have come out and I know I have put in as much effort as I could have done so I can leave university feeling proud that I pushed myself as much as I could have done. 

    The design took many different turns along the way, I was inspired by so many things deciding what would work best could have become daunting. I however felt I made decisions at the right stages throughout the project as I didn’t want to worry about one particular element more than another. I am pleased with the way it has all come together and I feel that it would sit well within the target environment of Borough Market. I have received some great feedback and I am pleased that many people have asked why something like this dosent exist already. This was exactly why I chose this brief. It was something that hadnt been done before and I therefore felt it would be good to see what peoples responses would be to the brand and packaging. 

    I gave myself a strict time schedule and I pretty much stuck to it. I really did not want to overwork pieces and become fixated on a problem so I felt this helped in my decision making and in justifying my design choices. 

    I have really enjoyed this branding and packaging project and hope that this will be a strong piece in my portfolio. I hope to go into this career path and am currently working on getting my portfolio as good as it can be. Now I shall work on my presentation and will work out what I need to say and mount up some examples to show to the tutors. Bringing in all my work should be interesting over the next two days as I can now see exactly just how much work I have achieved for this project! 

  • So today I managed to get two great industry people to view over my portfolio. I had a good idea of what I’d like to include within it but wanted some guidance on how much to include and in what order to lay out my work.
    I decided to bring in the projects I felt happy with and any I was not proud of to leave behind.
    I talked first to a woman named Alison who used to work at a major agency in packaging design in London. Her views have helped enormously and I’m very grateful for her time.
    She saw a shift in my work over my three years and could see how my skills have developed. I was very pleased that someone could see how far I have come. She was also very positive about it and said I have produced a strong portfolio so I now feel more comfortable showing when I show it at interviews.
    I then spoke to Tim my tutor and he expressed mostly similar suggestions. I now feel I have a clear vision of what needs tweaking and how. He also helped in deciding what order I should show my work, this is one thing I really want to get right. Also he was positive about my CV and PDF portfolio idea.
    I have finished my FMP so am ready to get stuck into making my portfolio the best it can be. I will book a photography room to re take some images of my final pieces and then place them into the portfolio. I’ve left today feeling really positive about going into the working world. Something I feel others in the class haven’t really thought much about. But one good friend has already impressed a local company and been offered full time work, I’m so pleased for her and this has given myself and others hope that we should be able to impress our ideal employer. Only time will tell!

  • Today we had a mixed crits with HND2. This was to be an interesting day. I was unsure how I felt about the crit, I wondered how I would feel if I received any negative feedback about my work and was aware that we only have until next Wednesday to hand this FMP in. However it turned out to be better than I thought with comments about my work. I had eight people fill out an assessment form on my project, some with names on some anonymous. I was nervous to read them at first but was relieved that almost all the comments were positive. 

    The main areas of Strength that were identified were:

    • Ideas & Development
    • Evaluation
    • Research
    • Presentation
    • Experimentation
    • Reflection
    • Illustrations

    I was also pleased that I received comments about my logo such as “Strong logo type” and “In a Pickle - Awesome name”. I was pleased that the idea had come across and that the illustrations were seen as appropriate and quirky. 

    The comments I received about targets were:

    • More research - This has been covered in this blog, and the first 5 sketchbooks.
    • More development & other ideas - Again this has been covered in the previous sketchbooks and examples on this blog.

    So overall I feel that this was a useful exercise. It was interesting to hear others opinions and I am happy that nothing was suggested of any changes.