My Online Diary

beautiful things can inspire the mind
  • I feel that I am almost there with regards to this brief. I have a clear vision with what outcomes I want to achieve and now I just need to transfer my sketches to indesign, photoshop and illustrator to create the menu, business cards etc. I have decided on using a thicker fine liner on my illustrations so that when scaled down they still look as crisp. Today I will be re sketching my final illustrations and will go over them with watercolours. I really like Louise Morgans work and Jane Websters and have been inspired to try out colour within my illustrations. Once I have decided which works best I shall include them on my menu and in other restaurant branding materials and then off to the printers. I am really pleased with this project so far and am happy with responses and feedback I have had. I feel that it should be quite strong and will be a good addition to my portfolio. I will also try and incorporate some of the sketches I have made into other work such as postcards, prints and other things as I have already had a request for one of my sketches to be framed as a present. I’ve really enjoyed this project, and will be updating this page with how I’m getting along with my other APP Briefs later today or tomorrow after some more sketch work for those.